How to Apply

Admission to Secondary school is open to both male and female candidates across the globe.

Common Entrance Application


Admission process for the next Academic session is done from the administrative office. You can purchase the form from the school at 2nd Avenue Elekahia housing Estate, Port Harcourt or you can contact us to indicate your interest. The form sale close will be communicated via our site. The cost of the admission is non-refundable.

Admission Criteria


All students applying for high school must be at least 10years old and must pass the entrance examination which is based according to the curriculum of the federal ministry of Education, Nigeria.

Pupils for primary must be at least 5years old, this is the assumed cognitive age of children, parents must pay the statutory fees for admission and tuition fees. We allow for flexibility in the Nursery and creche in terms of age.

Submitting the Form


After the purchase, examination date will be set for your child. You will have to fill and submit the form on or before the date of the examination which will be communcated to you on the instance of form purchase or later via email or direct phone call. Your child is expected to pass the entrance examination in order to gain admission into the school.

Admission into High School


Parents are required to download the admission from our website, print, fill and submit the form at the admin. office at 2nd Avenue Elekahia Estate and pay a non-refundable admission fee of Ten thousand naira at the point of submission at same instance the date for admission examination is set for the child. Parents who can not download the form can obtain same from the school.

You can use the whatsApp handle for any enquiries.