5 Tips to prevent truancy in secondary schools / high schools?

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1. Teachers should see themselves as role model and as well see teaching as their professional
career by so doing, their negative attitudes towards teaching and students truancy behavior will
be reduced if not eliminated.

2. Parents should be mandated by school authorities to provide their children with basic school
needs, as this will reduce unnecessary outing among secondary school students.

3. Government should make sure that the condition of services of teachers are adequately
provided in order to enhance teachers morale and as well provide educational needs such as
conducive teaching and learning environment, adequate instructional materials and other
academic facilities like library, laboratory and technical workshop. This in no doubt will
help reduce truancy among the secondary school students.

4. Government should help the police department to establish and run temporary detention
centres where they can detain students found playing truant, also the government in
conjunction with the police should as well embark on some other anti- truancy initiative like
operation sweep truancy students in the neighborhood. By so doing truant students and
potential ones will be afraid of engaging in truancy.

5. School authorities should reinforce her mode of enforcing school rules and regulations as this
will go a long way to reduce students’ misbehaviours in school.

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