What Do You Look For When Choosing A School For Your Child In Port Harcourt

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A lot of factors jump at us when we consider taking a children to a new school, perhaps due to change of city or your child had completed primary and will be moving to secondary or because you want a better academic performance for your child.  We have a listed a couple of natural things to look for. Before we start, you must know that we are The Best School In Port Harcourt.


First of all you need to consider location because Port Harcourt is a large city and there are usually traffic jams at different areas of the city, so you will likely want to cut down on the travel time you & your child will have to embark on to and from school.


Then you will have to consider the curriculum that each school is offering, their success rates in entrance and educational council exams.


Also, you should try and have a private chat with the proprietors and parents of the pupils attending the school, that way you can get enough information and feel of what the school is like.


You will also need to check out if they take Health and safety into consideration i.e do they have fire alarms, fire fighting equipment, sanitizers, medic facilities etc. Their readiness in managing outbreaks, epidemics and emergencies etc. Security is also important I.e CCTV, Security guards, parent verification system register etc.


Furthermore also check out if they are government approved, examination council approved etc.

Then the big one which is the tuition and other fees that needs to be paid which you must consider because that is hard earned.


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